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        K (Kelvin)  Owner/Artist


                       Books are Open.
               Now booking for March - May

             To book Email your inquiries to 

   Instagram: @tattooskf    @tattoosbyk

Specializes in:
*Black & Grey *Photo-Realism/*Surrealism/*Portraits* /*Graffiti*


 Katt/ Mrs. K  Owner/Artist
 *Books open for Portraits 
             To book email :

  Instagram: tattoosby_mrs.k

   *Black & Grey* 
*Portraits / *3d Photo realism Specialist*

Diamond Luxury Tattoos


 About us:

Location- 400 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT, 06460.

We create high Quality Custom Vegan Tattoos.

In fact we have over 200 custom tattoo designs drawn and ready to go.

 We take pride in our cleanliness and creativity with hard work.

Every tattoo is done with the best equipment in the industry, from topnotch disposable needle cartridges with safety membranes for no cross contamination, disposable grips, sleeves, Vegan Numbing creams, and aprons, the Vegan creams (Hustle Butter Deluxe) we use on our clients for healing and during the tattooing sessions, to the vegan ink and ointments we use on each piece of art.


We provide a FREE vegan aftercare bandage for each and every customer called "Recovery Derm-Shield" for the fastest healing possible (14-21 days) along with the best aftercare ointments  by "Hustle Butter Deluxe".

We give our clients the best service we can.

  We are a loving family owned business originally from

New York City excited  for new serious clients

and amazing art. We are licensed in many states across

America. We have won various achievement 

 awards for art and we join Tattoo competitions

 and Expos/Tattoo conventions all across the world.

 We love what we do for our clients and nothing makes

 us happier than to see our tattoo artwork on our

supporters. Our following on Social media stretches to

around 50,000 people so please be PATIENT and 

RESPECTFUL of our time to assure the best service

possible from our team members. 

We always strive to be better and work harder.










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