Appointments only require a $1,000-6,000  non refundable Deposit to book a tattoo session of any time length during business hours. This is not an extra expense. That deposit goes towards your tattoo session time and will be deducted from the the session's total. Because we work by Appointment only, if a person cancels his/her Appointment it is difficult and truly unlikely for me to fill that space on such a short notice, meaning that I’m not working when I could have scheduled someone else for that time. Cancellations made without at least a 7 DAY NOTICE will result in loss of your Deposit and will require another Deposit to reschedule. Anyone rude or disrespectful will automatically forfeit their Deposits and will not be serviced. Canceling on time more than twice will result in the loss of your Deposit, no matter how much notice. You must understand that I have the right to reschedule the Appointment at any time for any reason. Anyone later than 15 Min or more will have that time deducted from their session. This is to assure you are as dedicated to completing this tattoo as I am and to establish respect for my time. You must email At least 24 hours ahead of your appointment to confirm. We greatly appreciate your patience during this time, as it helps to ensure the quality of your Tattoo. Thank you very much and we're looking forward to working with you. NO REFUNDS of any kind. All sales are final.  Deposits expire after one year. By booking you are agreeing to these terms.