IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO KNOW:

                          NO TATTOO IS DONE IN ONE SESSION!

These places on the body are the most difficult to maintain. May need one to 5 touch ups: 

Hand / Finger Tattoos ~ No Guarantee

This is a bad spot to heal. You can't stop using them long enough for a proper heal. Hands also shed throughout your lifetime, making it impossible for a hand tattoo to stay solid.  The constant use of your hands affects the length of heal, quality of heal, and outcome after the healing process has ended. 

We DO NOT  guarantee anything done on the hand, finger, palms or wrist crease due to issues with healing a tattoo in those areas.  Your hands shed throughout your life; this causes instability in the lines and color, causes line blow out, EXTREME fading, total loss of line work in spots and color loss.  Black tends to hold up better over time than color, sides of hands never seem to hold ink properly - fading during healing and line loss.  If your hands are your job don't put a tattoo there - "When you use it ~ you lose it". Every hand tattoo WILL require touch-ups to keep it fresh and solid.


Elbow ~ No Guarantee

Generally, a bad area to heal due to its necessary role in our daily lives, answering phones, driving, all use your elbow which in turns affects the healing and heal time due to the constant stretching and pulling of the skin.  It's an area prone to pain, bruising, and swelling. Joint area tattoos tend not to heal as well as other body parts.

You have to be aware of how much you're doing right after an elbow tattoo, you may find it to be really sore, swollen, bruised, or find the joints feel stiff for days after.  You'll have to wait on any upper body workouts for a week or so until it's healed enough to deal with that amount of strain. The area is under constant strain every time you move; this will affect the length of time to heal your tattoo as well as the quality of your finished product.


Behind the Ear ~ No Guarantee

Tattoos done in this area tend to not hold ink as well and are prone to fading and color loss.  You need to be careful about what you use when getting a tattoo here.  Hair product can really irritate a new tattoo as well as phone use which can cause a delay in healing or issues with the overall heal.  You may also find your tattoo will fade, lose color, as well as line blow-out or loss.


Side of Wrist / Crease Line of Wrist ~ No Guarantee

This a is a Bad spot to heal. The constant pulling and stretching effects the length of heal, quality of heal, and outcome after the healing process.  Many clients find they tend to lean on counters, steering wheels, any counter top they can. During healing that poses an issue: a fresh tattoo will be exposed to whatever that surface had been previously. It also causes wear and chafing on your fresh tattoo while it's trying to heal.

It's one of those areas that usually requires a second coloring to keep it solid and dark, sometimes more.  The side of wrist and crease line get abused constantly during a normal day, every time your hand moves it pulls the skin.  This will sometimes cause areas to take longer to heal and can cause cracking during the healing process, this may cause damage to line work or color. 


Foot Tattoos ~ No Guarantee

Around the ankle, sides of feet, top of the foot, toes and around the heel area; all seem to be effected quickly after a tattoo.  Tattoos in theses areas can fade, blow out, have a complete color loss in spots, loss of line work (small spots to large gaps). Anything here WILL require touch ups to uphold the tattoos integrity. Cover ups can also take longer in this area and may require extra sessions to ensure the coverage of your old tattoo.

Things to remember....
~ Shoes and socks can chafe and disrupt healing
~ Make sure your wearing clean shoes so you don't expose your new     
   tattoo to the dirt, bacteria and whatever else may be living in there.
~ Cover-ups don't hold as well on feet, you'll probably be looking at an
   additional session to ensure proper coverage of your old tattoo.

Tips and tricks to try...
~ Try to stay off your feet to prevent additional swelling after your appointment
~ No closed shoes or socks that can damage the tattoo while healing
~ If swellings occurs put a bit of ice in a baggie and hold next to foot